University Policies, Procedures and Supports

Flourishing in higher education: what’s resilience and mental health got to do with higher education policy?

Theme 1 invites papers on the inclusion of mental health in the higher education policy agenda. Furthermore, it recognises universities as settings for mental health promotion, prevention and intervention.

Teaching and Learning Practices

Humanising teaching and learning for mental health.

Theme 2 invites papers on humanising pedagogy and enhancing mental health through the reconceptualisation of curriculum design. It encompasses pedagogy to support students’ transition, engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Supporting Staff in Responding to Complex Mental Health Issues

Contemporary approaches supporting staff who are working with students with severe and complex mental heath issues.

Theme 3 invites papers on effectively educating staff in mental health literacy and in informed responses to severe and complex mental health challenges.

Whole-of-Community Approaches

Integrating whole-of-community approaches to responsive and effective mental health support for people living with mental health issues.

Theme 4 invites papers on enablers that are integral to supporting the needs of consumers and carers in higher education and the broader community.

Stigma and Discrimination Reduction

Working with particular groups, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, higher degree candidates, as well as culturally and linguistically diverse groups such as Australian Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, rural and remote communities, internationals, and the LGBTI communities. Theme 5 invites papers on wise ways of improving the experiences and outcomes for students and staff from diverse groups.

Panel Focus – Day 1

Supporting staff in higher education to build resilience in students coping with life pressures and the expanded responsibilities that accompany transition to and studying at university.