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Webinar Themes

The Tapestry of Mental Health in Higher Education

This year, the Australasian Mental Health and Higher Education Group will explore the tapestry of mental health in higher education across four webinars. Each webinar will focus on a different experience of mental health: Academic, Student, Professional and Technical Staff, and Research.

This webinar series shares mental health research, explores strategies for meaningful action and provides a forum for open discussion and engagement.

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The first webinar focusses on the experiences of academics in higher education, featuring a panel of four esteemed guest speakers:

Questions raised and topics of discussion will include:

How do National health policies impact the sector and the academic experience?

What role should universities play in facilitating academic mental health and wellbeing?

How can we move from an illness model to a wellness model in the workplace?

What does the classroom experience look like for academics?

Register for the webinar on Wednesday 7 July from 2 – 3.30pm (AEST) where we’ll explore these questions and more.

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