The Program

The program is an initiative aimed at increasing the participation and representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the fields of marine science and marine management. The program recognises the importance of engaging Indigenous youth with their communities and Traditional Knowledge within marine research and conservation efforts.

The program is designed to provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to pursue careers in the field by offering specialised courses, mentorship, research opportunities, and wider support networks. It aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the marine environment, build scientific skills, and empower Indigenous students to contribute to marine science and conservation.

By offering this program through tailored support tailored to the needs of Indigenous students, we seek to address the underrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the marine science field and continue promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity within the discipline.

Module 1 - Program Commencement

Science Place at JCU Townsville (Bebegu Yumba)

Meet other participating ATSIMS scholars for the first time on campus and learn about the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Traditional Use of Marine Resources Agreements before diving into more detail with the Reef Education Team about some of the creatures we love and fear.

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Module 2 - Field Trip to OIRS

Orpheus Island Research Station (OIRS)

Visit JCU’s unique Orpheus Island Research Station, and connect with Manbarra Traditional Owners, Sea Country, and one another. Participate in citizen science projects and be inspired by your experiences to get creative through different modes of art.

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Module 3 - Ranger Day Excursion

Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers on Country

Engage with local Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger groups by immersing yourself within some of their key roles and responsibilities critical to maintaining and caring for Land and Sea Country.

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Module 4 - Visit to AIMS

Excursion to AIMS

Explore the National Sea Simulator and learn about the roles that support coral reef marine research. Discover how technology and robotics support research in a tour of the Cape Cleveland campus led by the Indigenous Partnerships team.

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Module 5 - Program Graduation

Marine Aquaculture Research Facility Unit (MARFU), Indigenous Education Research Centre (IERC)

Visit the Indigenous Education Research Centre and draft your senior high school subject choices. After learning about the Marine Aquaculture Research Facility Unit, participate in a mini-practical in the Science Place laboratories. The concluding ceremony will celebrate your graduation from the program and our award recipients.

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