Indigenous Tutorial Assistance (ITA)

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The Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Centre at James Cook University is responsible for coordinating tutorial assistance, for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander JCU students in Townsville, Cairns, Mackay, Mt Isa, Thursday Island and those studying externally around Australia.

This academic initiative is funded by the Prime Minister and Cabinet and aims to improve academic outcomes for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students, by providing supplementary tuition by qualified, suitable tutors. Tutors work with our Indigenous Academic Support Advisors (IASA) to accelerate learning for Indigenous students and tuition is provided in addition to the usual teaching and learning of each JCU subject.

Apply for Tutor Support

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To receive ITA tuition, a student must be:

  • Of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent,
  • Currently enrolled in an award course with JCU.

How it works

  • Students submit an application form to the Indigenous Academic Support Advisors (IASA’s), which is then assessed by the IASA’s.
  • Successful applicants are then matched, by the IASA’s, with a suitable tutor who has the skills and knowledge of the chosen discipline in which tutoring is required.
  • The IASA’s then arrange a face-to-face meeting between the student and tutor, when a face-to-face meeting is not possible, students will then be contacted by telephone or email. In the first meeting, the IASA will develop a Student Learning Plan, based on the student learning needs.
  • The IASA will maintain constant contact with both the tutor and student to monitor their progress and feedback.

Become a Student Tutor

If you are interested in becoming a Tutor, register with our online Tutor Registration Form.

The Student Tutor Registration Form outlines the Tutor Duties and Selection Criteria, so please read this carefully before you submit your form. Tutors must also submit the following:

  • Evidence of qualifications – a copy of academic record/transcript.
  • JCU students provide unofficial academic record printed from ‘eStudent’.
  • Certified copies of original, official documents required for non-JCU study
  • Evidence of relevant work experience – a current CV/Resume

More information

If you need any further assistance you can contact the following Indigenous Academic Support Advisors by email.


  • Juanita Sellwood - (07) 423 21482
  • Deann Grant - (07) 423 21122


  • Megan Harrison - (07) 478 15871
  • Trina Jackson - (07) 478 15313
  • Emma Iwikau - (07) 478 16462

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