Subjects relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies at JCU

Please note that most courses have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues addressed within each subject, and some courses have subjects that are not listed below because they are embedded within a course and cannot be taken in isolation.

See the JCU Courses and Study webpage for course lists by discipline, course level and location.

ED3443:03 Teaching ESL to Indigenous Students

ED4461:03 Indigenous Futures

EV3252 Indigenous Environmental Management, Level 3

EV5252 Indigenous Environmental Management, Level 5

HS2101:03 Indigenous Health Studies for Nursing and Midwifery

IA1007:03 Linking Indigenousness 1

IA1015:03 Indigenous Australian World Views 1: Survival, Identity and Cultural Diversity

IA2010:03 Black Writers

IA2013:03 Ecology and Australian Indigenous Cultures

IA2016:03 Australian Indigenous Politics

IA2017:03 Impact of Change on Indigenous Peoples: A Global Perspective

IA3003:03 Indigenous Family Wellbeing and Community Development

IA3012:03 Indigenous Australian World Views 3: Introduction to Indigenous Research

IA3101:03 Media and Race Relations

IA5010:03 Indigenous Research Ethics

IA5011:03 Field Procedures in Indigenous Research

IA5012:03 Interpreting Research

IA5110:03 Individual Study/Project

IA5119:03 Empowerment and Change

IA5431 Justice and Indigenous Peoples

TM5510:03 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

WS2121 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Skills and Frameworks for Practice