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Maximum $7000

Project Details

Applicants must indicate which of the following key research areas their project covers and submit a written statement addressing the questions below.

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The written statement should address the following:

  1. Name and Student ID;
  2. Background and Summary (50% weighting) (500 - 750 words):
    Outlining the background and plain English summary of the project. This section should address why the project is important, needed and likely to result in significant advancement in knowledge and understanding of the issue and/or practical improvements in the way the issue/s are managed;
  3. Amount Requested (30% weighting) (250-500 words):
    Outlining the amount requested (maximum of $7000) and planned use of the funds which is rigorous, achievable, innovative, and compatible with time left in candidature. This section should include details about approaches to sampling and a time frame of the project schedule;
  4. Research Outputs (10% weighting):
    Listing any publications or other research outputs that you have;
  5. Academic Record (10% weighting):
    Listing qualifications, GPAs and academic awards;
  6. Research Environment (100 words):
    Discuss the expertise of your supervisory team and relevant infrastructure e.g. access to instrumentation and specialist equipment.

Document should be in PDF format.

By submitting this application you agree that:

  • You have discussed this application with your research adviser and they support your application;
  • The information you supply is true and correct to the best of your knowledge;
  • If you are successful in receiving a grant you will use the funds for research project expenses in accordance with the financial policies of JCU.

The 2022 application round has closed. Please check back in April 2023 for details of the next round.