Postdoctoral Fellows

The following postdoctoral research fellows and their projects have been funded and supported by the Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture.

Dr Brendan Ebner

Project Details

Brendan's project considered the use of flagship species to improve freshwater system conservation and to engage the community. While primarily focused on the bio-physical, Brendan had strong interests in governance and cultural understanding of flagship species' attributes. His project sat within the Program 6 Coastal and freshwater systems with strong links to Program 2 Sustainable communities, industries and governance systems.

Dr John Llewelyn

Project Details

John's project investigated translocation options for sub-populations of animals into areas where the species already exists to introduce genes that are better adapted to climate change. The project sat primarily within Program 1 Biodiversity and climate change and included elements  of Program 2 Sustainable communities, industries and governance systems given the social and community issues around translocation.

Dr Ronnie Baker

Project Details

Ronald sought to improve our understanding of the connectivity and the tropic functioning of coastal wetland nurseries adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. His project combined CSIRO state of the art hydro-dynamic floodplain connectivity modelling with new JCU ecological techniques, to increase  our ability to manage and protect these systems into the future. Ronald's project sat within  Program 5 Hydro-ecological interactions with solid links to Program 6 Coastal and freshwater systems.