Research Fellows

James Cook University and CSIRO have jointly funded the three year TLJV Research Fellow appointments of Dr Diane Jarvis and Dr Jane Addison.

In their Research Fellow role Dr Jarvis and Dr Addison will provide a quantitative, integrative approach to understanding the complex problems related to the development of northern Australia, identifying pathways towards the development of solutions to these problems.  They will take an innovative and solution-focused approach to a range of issues relevant to the development of tropical landscapes in northern Australia and more broadly. Working in multi-disciplinary teams consisting of external stakeholders and experts from JCU and CSIRO they will help build a portfolio of applied research projects using systems approaches to investigate environmental, social and economic trade-offs and synergies related to the development of natural resources.

Dr Jarvis and Dr Addison are also involved in Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment (NAWRA) and the National Environmental Science Program (NESP)

Dr Diane Jarvis’ first degree was a BA with Honours in Economics from the University of Kent at Canterbury in the UK. Her PhD in Environmental Economics, from JCU, focused on the trade-offs faced when balancing the sustainable use of natural resources against economic development and the needs of society.
Prior to embarking on an academic career, Diane had a career in business through a series of financial and accounting roles, culminating in the position of Group Finance Director of a highly acquisitive UK company. Since joining JCU Diane has applied her econometric and quantitative methods to a number
of projects investigating the inter-relationships between natural and human systems, often in relation to the Great Barrier Reef and with particular emphasis on the impact that interventions made within one system have on other systems. She has a track record of being in multi-disciplinary teams and
projects bringing together biophysical scientists and economists. Additionally whilst with JCU she has lectured in a range of subjects, including Environmental Economics.

Research Portfolio

Dr Jane Addison has a PhD in Natural Resource Management, and has most recently been lecturing in Terrestrial Resource Management at JCU. Previously, Jane was with CSIRO Land and Water in Townsville, within the Livelihoods for Adaptive Development group. Jane’s first degree was in Natural Resource Management
at the University of Western Australia while her PhD, which included natural resource economics and quantitative analysis, comes from the University of Queensland. She has a strong background in addressing challenges and opportunities of land-use across northern Australia and tropical regions more generally.
Jane’s practice has been to work across thematic areas that are best suited to the problem context rather than pre-defining research methods based upon a particularly disciplinary background. Jane has nearly 10 years consulting experience in the private sector and has experience working with a range
of stakeholders including NGOs, traditional owners, universities, government, communities and the private sector.

Research Portfolio