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Virtual Careers Fairs

2021 Virtual Careers Fair

The JCU Virtual Careers Fair is over for another year. We hope you made the most of the Fair and made lots of new contacts, gained information and ideas for your career.

What should I do next?

  • Follow your favourite employers on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Research their websites to see what skills, attributes and experience they are looking for.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile as employers may search for you - view the LinkedIn Profile Checklist to get you started.
  • Log in to JCU CareerHub and the JCU Careers Directory regularly - these sites contain job listings such as graduate employment, vacation work, internships, virtual experiences, part-time/casual employment and volunteering.
  • Consider joining a Professional Association for your industry - view our Career Snapshots for suggestions.
  • Follow JCU Careers on Facebook - we regularly post jobs, application tips and employer events.

What if you missed it?

You can still view the exhibitors who attended and find out what they do and what opportunities they offer. There are several other Virtual Careers Fairs being held this year. Please see the table below and register for the Fairs before you miss out!

How Virtual Fairs Work

Don’t miss the event! Register Now! Virtual events can be easy to forget because we don’t have physical travel as a reminder. Take it seriously, record it in your diary or e-calendar and set a reminder.

Review the list of the exhibiting employers prior to the fair. Come prepared; read the employer profiles; decide which ones you want to meet and prepare a few questions to ask.

Updates about the Fairs are sent to students who register.

Virtual Fairs Timetable

27 May
2 pm - 4 pm
Health Careers Super Fair
The Health Careers Super Fair will showcase Australia's leading employers to a cohort of students looking for career opportunities in the health care sector. 
1 July
2 pm - 4 pm
GradAustralia Clerkship Super FairThe Clerkship Super Fair is Australia's first national law clerk recruiting fair, bringing top students together virtually with the best employers in the legal sector.
28 July
2 pm - 4 pm
Indigenous Careers Super Fair 
Open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students wanting to connect with employers who either offer dedicated Indigenous graduate programs or have otherwise proven themselves to be a top Indigenous employer.
4 August
2 pm - 4 pm
Diversity Careers Super Fair 
Open to students from any degree exploring employers who celebrate difference and have an inclusive working culture.
28 September
2 pm - 4 pm
Students with Disability Super Fair 
Open to students with a disability exploring employers who understand their value and unique needs.

The dates and details listed above are subject to change, further details will be provided soon - please check back in regularly.