Careers and Employability Annual Careers Fair

Annual Careers Fair

The 2020 JCU Careers Fairs have been cancelled.

Due to the large number employer withdrawals from our 2020 JCU Careers Fairs, and the need for social distancing, the event will not be going ahead.  We apologise for the cancellation, but unfortunately it is beyond our control.

Join the JCU Careers Fair Support Crew!

It's easy, and gives you the chance to meet potential employers on campus at the same time!  This opportunity will be advertised on CareerHub prior to the next Careers Fair.

The Careers Fair is for ALL students. We encourage students from every year level and every discipline to attend.

Each year you will find new organisations, new opportunities and new ideas to help you get your dream job.

To make the most of the Careers Fair, make sure you do some research before the big day. Check out our tips for success.