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Virtual Careers Fairs

2021 Virtual Careers Fair

The 2021 JCU Careers Fair will be a virtual event. We are inviting a wide variety of employers to virtually meet JCU students. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with employers, attend live presentations, and ask questions about opportunities for your profession.

The Virtual Careers Fair is for ALL students. We encourage students from every year level and every discipline to attend – all from the comfort of home.

How it works:

Bookmark the JCU Career Directory and check in regularly to find out who is coming, learn how to use the virtual platform and get tips on how to make the most of your time at the fair.

National Virtual Fairs Timetable

In addition to the JCU Virtual Careers Fair, you will also be able to attend the following national virtual careers fairs.

23 February
Business and Consulting Super FairFor students with any degree exploring a career in accounting, advisory, consulting, trading, banking or other business disciplines.
5 March
GradConnection Virtual FairAccounting, Banking, Finance, Business, Commerce, Economics, Insurance and Law
9 March
GradConnection Virtual FairEngineering, Information Technology, Environment, Planning, Surveying, Utilities, Mining, Oil and Gas
12 March
GradConnection Virtual FairMaths, Science, Arts Humanities, Project Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales
15 March

Government Careers Super Fair

For students from any degree who have an interest in working for the Australian Government.
23 March
Engineering Careers Super FairEngineering students exploring a career in the engineering sector.
30 March
Technology Careers Super FairFor students with any degree exploring a career with a tech company.

TBA - April

Law Careers Super FairFor students exploring a career with a law firm, in-house legal, government or the non-profit sector.
28 July

Indigenous Careers Super Fair 

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students wanting to meet employers with dedicated Indigenous recruiting streams.
4 August
Diversity Careers Super Fair For students from any degree exploring employers who celebrate difference and have an inclusive working culture.
28 September
Students with Disability Super FairFor students with a disability exploring employers who understand their value and unique needs.

The dates and details listed above are subject to change, further details will be provided soon - please check back in regularly.