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Careers Fair - Townsville Campus

Information for employers and display holders


8AM-9:30AMDisplay set up
9:30AMCareers Fair opens
1:30PMCareers Fair closes

Student Volunteers

We will have enthusiastic student volunteers available to assist you to set up and take down your displays, and to provide assistance throughout the day.

If you are the only representative from your organisation who will be attending, student volunteers can look after your display while you have lunch. Please advise the Careers team if you require this.


We want your feedback. We'll provide a Careers Fair Evaluation Form at the event so you can let the Careers and Employability team know how we can enhance your JCU Careers Fair experience next year.

Students at all levels are strongly encouraged to attend the Careers Fair.

Please be ready to provide information to a range of students – from first year students looking for career ideas, right through to final year and postgraduate students seeking application advice.

We encourage you to actively engage students in conversation to help them sharpen their networking skills.

Ideas and hints to help you stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

Your visual display should give visitors a clear idea of what you do. Students will decide within seconds if they are going to stop at your display, so it’s worth trying to make a great first impression.

  • Use colour to create a professional or eye catching impact.
  • Ensure your signage is meaningful and visible.
  • Remove barriers to facilitate conversation, especially furniture. Sitting behind a desk may suggest to students that you are not approachable.
  • Consider what other organisations' displays might look like and do something different!

Who’s on your frontline?

Staffing a booth at the Careers Fair is not for everyone. The role requires a keen desire to engage with people and a high level of relevant organisational knowledge.

Your staff can be the difference between an ordinary Careers Fair and a highly successful and engaging Careers Fair!

  • Gather a team of outgoing, informed and enthusiastic colleagues.
  • If possible, include recent JCU graduates in your Careers Fair team.
  • Stand, don't sit, at your booth. It's important to appear welcoming.
  • Ensure your booth is staffed at all times. (Our volunteers can assist you during breaks if needed)
  • Remember that many students will be shy and nervous about introducing themselves. You may need to break the ice.

Handouts and giveaways

The benefit of the Careers Fair can be long lasting if you have useful handouts or giveaways.

  • Giveaways or 'freebies' are sure to attract student attention and keep your brand current once the day is over.
  • Handouts are valuable if you are too busy to speak to every student. Handouts can also provide in-depth information about your organisation, programs and opportunities.
  • Direct students to your website for additional information, but don’t forget that students will base their opinion of the organisation on YOU!

Other practical tips for a successful Careers Fair experience

  • Arrive early, allow plenty of time for set up.
  • Contact the JCU Careers and Employability team or a student volunteer if you require assistance or supplies. We will have scissors, velcro, Blue-Tac and other supplies on hand.
  • Take brief walks around the fair to ease your aching back and feet.
  • Please stay until the end. Students are very unimpressed by organisations who pack up during the final hour.

How we will help to ensure the day is a success for you

We will promote your organisation and attendance at the Careers Fair to all students and staff.

We will also encourage students to prepare for the Careers Fair, ask questions and make a great first impression.

  • Booths - more information is coming soon.
  • All sites will be powered.
  • Please bring display material and handouts or giveaways to attract students to your booth.
  • You will be provided with a sign that includes the name of your organisation, as well as a table, table cloth and 2 chairs.
  • Please ensure your display materials do not obscure other stall holders.
  • Pull up banners and poster style displays are ideal.
  • Due to demand, we can only permit one booth per organisation.

Please contact the JCU Careers and Employability team if you need to courier materials to JCU before the Careers Fair.

Contact us by phone on (07) 4781 4088 or send an email to to obtain our delivery address.

If you have an existing wireless connection through your preferred internet provider, you should be able to connect on campus.

Please note, we are unable to provide access to JCU's WiFi due to network permissions.

Your attendance at the Careers Fair will be heavily promoted from early February (including printed materials).

If, due to an unforeseen circumstance you are unable to attend, please contact the JCU Careers and Employability team as soon as possible so we can advise students of an alternative means of connecting with your organisation.

Enquiries may be forwarded to:

Rosie Cummins
Career Information Officer
Phone: (07) 4781 4088