Email Campaigns

JCU Careers and Employability can organise targeted emails to students via email at no cost.

To organise a targeted email, send the following information to

  • Purpose of email, including brief description of information to be distributed
  • Discipline(s) sought
  • Target year(s) sought
  • Date of intended email (please allow up to 2 working days for an email to be sent)
  • The information to be distributed to students (if sending a pdf please also send a word document version if possible)

JCU Careers and Employability offers this service subject to the following conditions:

  • Emails must be targeted to specific disciplines and year levels, they cannot be sent to all students.
  • Only information that deals specifically with graduate positions, vacation work, internships and work placements will be emailed.
  • The email will contain a disclaimer advising students that your information is being sent through JCU Careers and Employability to ensure the confidentiality of student information. Example: This information has been distributed by the James Cook University Careers and Employability Service without the disclosure of your name and address details.
  • JCU Careers and Employability reserves the right to reject any inappropriate or irrelevant email requests.


Fair Work Commission

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