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Career Development, Employability and Entrepreneurship

JCU supports academic teaching staff to seamlessly integrate and scaffold career development, employability and entrepreneurship in curriculum, as per the JCU Curriculum Framework. Our evidence-based, innovative approaches to curriculum design enhance the JCU student experience and graduate outcomes. JCU students are supported to develop and assure the knowledge, skills, attributes and dispositions that will enable them to navigate satisfying, enduring and successful careers.

A range of resources are available to support academic teaching staff to embed career development, employability and entrepreneurship in coursework curricula. See Career Action Plans for Curriculum and Staff Toolkit.

JCU Curriculum Framework

The JCU Curriculum Framework (depicted below) identifies Career Development, Employability and Entrepreneurship as one of six curriculum enhancement priority areas.

The Framework reflects JCU's distinctiveness as a university and aligns with the Higher Education Standards Framework. With students in partnership and at the heart, the JCU Curriculum Framework guides and assures high quality learning and teaching practices through authentic and blended course design.

JCU Curriculum Framework

The JCU Curriculum Framework

Career Development

Career Development is the "process of managing life, learning, work, leisure, and transitions across the lifespan in order to move towards a personally determined future."  (CICA Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners, p27)

Career development learning at university is not just about developing job search skills and/or attending placement opportunities. It is about constructing coursework curricula that provides students with opportunities to develop enhanced self-awareness, self and career management skills, and resilience.

JCU is committed to supporting all students to develop the capacity to manage their learning, work, leisure and transitions in order to experience career success.


Graduate employability is a "set of achievements – skills, understandings and personal attributes – that makes graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations, which benefits themselves, the workforce, the community and the economy." (Yorke, 2006, p. 8)

Evidenced by the application of a mix of personal qualities and beliefs, understandings, skillful practices and the ability to reflect productively on experience (Yorke, 2006), graduate employability goes beyond the simplistic notion of the university providing graduates with skills to get a job. In the context of a rapidly changing and unpredictable future labour market, to remain employable, individuals need “skills, knowledge, resilience, focus and tenacity to stay marketable and be the equivalent of a desired commodity.” (Kinash et al., 2014, p. 8)

JCU is committed to supporting all students to develop and assure their knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions that enhance employability.


Entrepreneurship is traditionally defined from a perspective of economics or business, e.g. “the ability to recognise commercial opportunities and the insight, self-esteem, knowledge and skills to act on them” (Jones & English, 2004, p. 416). However, from a career development and educational perspective, entrepreneurship is about having the foresight and self-awareness to identify career opportunities, and the developed career and self-management skills, knowledge, attributes and dispositions, to act effectively for enhanced career experiences and outcomes.

JCU is committed to supporting all students to become entrepreneurial in their work and career management.