Meet with a Career Counsellor

Career Counsellors can help you to identify your skills, interests and values, set goals and explore opportunities.

A JCU Career Counsellor can help you make informed career-related decisions and develop strategies to achieve your goals. Appointments are free and confidential.

If you're struggling with a decision about whether to leave or change your course, you may wish to discuss it with a Career Counsellor.

To gain the most benefit from your appointment, we recommend you undertake the following preparation and exploration.

Research and Self-Assessment

  • Work through the Self-Understanding modules in the University Preparation stream of the JCU Career Development Program
  • Check out myfuture. This interactive website helps you to identify your strengths and preferences and the types of jobs that may interest you.
  • Do some research on the occupations and industries that interest you.
  • Graduate Careers Australia have Career Profiles for a variety of careers.

What Career Counsellors do not do

If your enquiry is about:

  • electives
  • credit for your previous study
  • prerequisites
  • dropping or adding courses or subjects, or changing programs

Contact the JCU Student Centre on freecall 1800 246 446 or visit the Students website.

How to book an appointment

Contact JCU Careers and Employment to make an appointment:

  • Call into our office (Level 1 of the Library in Cairns and Townsville)
  • Contact us by phone:
    • Cairns Campus (07) 4232 1150
    • Townsville Campus (07) 4781 4711
  • Off-campus students can request a phone consultation. Please contact us to arrangement an appointment time.