Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate study is an investment in your future and provides enhanced career opportunities. Visit the Good Universities Guide for information on the types of postgraduate studies and the range of benefits they offer.

Strategies to maximise your career prospects

Stay up-to-date

Don’t wait until you have completed your course to develop your career plan – stay engaged and connected throughout your studies.

  • Draft your resume and keep it up-to-date (for feedback on your resume, see Appointments and Drop-In Service)
  • Establish and maintain a Linkedin profile - see the great resources on Linkedin to help you get started and develop your profile.  Connect with our team at the Drop-in desk during semester for feedback.
  • Develop networking skills and practice them regularly.
  • Identify opportunities for engagement, such as providing tutoring, connecting with a relevant professional association, assisting at conferences to help keep you up-to-date with changes to research funding, priority areas and university policies.


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