CEE Grants & Awards JCU Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

JCU Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

JCU recognises outstanding practice in teaching and scholarship in many ways, and the Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning is one such example.

Citations recognise and reward the diverse contributions that individuals and teams make to the quality of student learning in a specific area of responsibility over a sustained period.  The JCU citations program is designed to prepare and support staff intending to apply for an Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, offered by Universities Australia.

The winners of this award were chosen by a panel of university teaching and learning stakeholders. Winners were recognised as leaders of learning and teaching at JCU through a celebratory event in October 2021, and were invited to join the Community of Learning and Teaching Excellence.

Examples of previous, successful nominations for Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning can be viewed here

2022 Application Process

The following quick reference instructions are to guide applicants. The Centre for Education and Enhancement strongly encourages staff to discuss their nomination with their Associate Dean Learning &Teaching prior to submitting.

  • Contact recipients of JCU Citations to discuss their application process, or review their applications.
  • Contact your Associate Dean Learning & Teaching for support or mentoring.
  • Identify a citation mentor – this might be a previous award recipient.
  • Attend a Citation information session presented by the Directorate of Learning, Teaching & Student Engagement (see Learning and Teaching Workshops and Events) or view the most recent presentation and download a copy of the presentation slides.
    • 11/02/22 JCU Citation Information Session slides presented by Dr Andrea Lynch Acting Dean, Learning, Teaching & Student Engagement.

Collate evidence to support your application. Use a range of data.

Some useful resources to consider include:

  • Prepare your application, ensuring compliance with criteria and all requirements.
  • Please note, any applications that do not conform to the formatting outlined within the Application Guidelines will not be accepted.
    • Complete the Application Checklist (see Attachment to Application Guidelines) prior to submitting your application.
  • Lodge your application with your Associate Dean Learning & Teaching for signature and review prior to the nomination closing date.
  • Particular Divisional Offices may be dictate earlier dates for submission, review and signatures. Please check with your relevant Divisional Office administrator.
  • Contact your Associate Dean Learning & Teaching for guidance specific to your College and Division.

2022 Closing Date: 29 August

All applications must be:

  1. Approved by the relevant Associate Dean Learning & Teaching,
  2. Signed by the relevant Dean and Divisional Deputy-Vice Chancellor, and
  3. Sent to the Centre for Education and Enhancement via email to cee@jcu.edu.au by close of business, Monday 29 August 2022. Late applications will not be considered.

National Citations

The Directorate manages the application process for the national teaching citations and awards on behalf of James Cook University. A range of resources and activities are available to support applicants. Enquiries and requests for assistance may be submitted to cee@jcu.edu.au.