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Students troubleshooting access to subject sites


Student access to LearnJCU subject sites is automated at JCU. Any student who is officially enrolled in a subject offering will have access to the corresponding LearnJCU subject site within minutes of enrolling.

You can find out who is enrolled in your subject by using the Class List tool in StaffOnline or by using LearnJCU to display the students currently enrolled in the subject.

Non-enrolled student access

Under special circumstances, students may require access to a subject site in which they are not currently enrolled. If you wish to grant a student access to a subject you are coordinating or teaching, please submit a Request Non-enrolled Student Access form. Log into StaffOnline > Academic Staff Information > Teaching Roles Database > Request non-enrolled student access.

Troubleshooting student access

Q. A student says s/he is enrolled in my subject but it is not listed in LearnJCU. What’s the best advice?
Ask the student to check their enrollment details in e-Student to see if the correct offering of the subject is listed. If a student is correctly enrolled they will also appear on the Class List available in StaffOnline.

Q. What if the student is correctly enrolled but they still cannot see my subject site?
Make sure your site is available. If you make your site temporarily unavailable while you are adding materials it will be invisible to students. It’s important to email all students in your class before making the site unavailable to avoid confusion. Check out this guide if you’re not sure about site availability.

Q. No, that’s not it. They say they are correctly enrolled and my site is available. What now?
Double-check in eAcademic. If eAcademic displays the correct enrollment details, ask students to email their full name, username and site code (eg.16-AG1000-Cns-Int-SP1) to learnjcu@jcu.edu.au

How do I …?



View Class Lists in Staff Online

1.  Log onto StaffOnline > Academic Staff Information > Class Lists

2.  Click the Class Lists link in the left-hand menu

3.  Click the Subject Lists link

4.  Make required selections and click Search.