CEE Online Teaching Tools Panopto Video Capture Using Panopto outside of Learning and Teaching

Using Panopto outside of Learning and Teaching

Although Panopto is primarily intended to be used for Learning and Teaching, it is also available to any JCU staff members who can utilise it to capture their desktops, uploaded videos, edit them and share them either internally or publicly.

Panopto for teams

By leveraging LearnJCU Organisations, Panopto can be used by teams or groups of staff to house and work on their videos in one, self-managed, place.

Getting access

By default, staff members with teaching roles, can use all the features of Panopto via LearnJCU.

JCU staff with non-teaching roles that are interested in using Panopto for video creation and sharing, should email videocapture@jcu.edu.au