CEE TEL Design Panopto Video Capture Finding and Relinking Videos

Relinking Mediasite Videos to Panopto

Links pointing to Mediasite videos in LearnJCU subject sites, must be relinked to Panopto videos.

Mediasite has been shut down.

Things to know:

  • More than 90% of videos in Mediasite have been copied over to Panopto. The work now is to locate them, organise them so they better align with their related subjects, and re-link them.
  • Videos are broken up into two categories:
    • Videos that were in you recorded with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder or uploaded will be in a folder in your My Folder in Panopto which has been given your username (ie. JC123456.). This video, also embedded above, shows how to locate these folders.
    • Captured Lectures are stored in an institutional area and will need to be recovered by either the Learning Environments Team
  • Note: Some videos you may have had access to in Mediasite may have been housed in someone else's folder so you may not have automatic access to these in Panopto.

Migrated videos will be in this folder in your My Folder in Panopto

Migrated videos can be found in sub-folders in your My Folder in Panopto

If you can still not locate your videos, they may be owned by someone else. Please contact the ITHelpdesk and provide the name and locations for the links within LearnJCU. For example: ‘Introduction’ in the Week 1 folder of 21-XZ101-TSV-SP1

Watch this video to see a screencast of the instructions below.

Instructions on creating new links to Panopto videos and removing old Mediasite links:

  1. Access the LearnJCU subject
  2. Navigate through the subject content until you locate the Mediasite video that needs to be re-linked to Panopto
  3. Click on the + symbol underneath the Mediasite video and select Content Market
  4. Select Add Video (Panopto)
  5. Under the Choose tab, locate and select the relevant video using the radio button and press the Insert button below
  6. Confirm that the Mediasite and Panopto videos match by playing them back.
  7. Delete the Mediasite video from the content area by clicking on its respective ellipsis button () and selecting Delete