ERM Overview

ERM Overview

Enterprise Risk Management at JCU

James Cook University has identified ten enterprise risks. It has done this through the completion of the University Level Risk Assessment in 2015 that was subsequently approved by the Audit Committee of JCU Council.

The University level or enterprise risks are accessible to certain staff with access to the Enterprise Risk Manager section of Riskware.

The enterprise risks identified, relate to growth in the number of students, safety and wellbeing of staff and students, legal compliance, research and business continuity.

Causal factors and corresponding mitigation strategies have been developed and are linked to numerous University initiatives and Divisional plans. Progress to completion is tracked through the Riskware information system. The University Level Risk Assessment (ULRA) is reviewed annually or when risks are deemed to have changed sufficiently to trigger an earlier review.

Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) continue to be developed and refined to provide a predictive tool through which changes to key risks can be monitored, and fresh responses developed, if or when agreed risk limits are exceeded.

Information on various University initiatives can be accessed here:

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