CITBA Research Clusters

Research Clusters

International Trade

The centre provides an analytical appraisal of key issues facing the region. Areas of focus include: intra-industry trade flows; import and export patterns among Asian countries; the impact of Free trade agreements and protectionism on Asian economies; and the role of non-tariff barriers as a neo-protectionist trade policy platform in Asia. CITBA also focuses on better understanding the WTO dispute settlement process and the ways in which developing countries utilize the mechanism.

Economic Policy

We endeavour to provide guidance for policy makers in the areas of regional inward foreign direct investment attraction. We focus on better understanding the importance the service sector plays in driving economic growth in Asia. The centre also drives research initiatives that assess fiscal practices in the Asian region and how governments can better engage with business and the wider community. Finally, we provide an analysis of inclusive growth measures utilized by modern economies, and document effective policy solutions for developing economies in Asia.

International Business

CITBA seeks to develop strong cross-cultural and business ties between Korea and Singapore through a range of collaborative projects. Our research focuses in IB examines the strategic development of foreign-owned subsidiaries and includes intra- and inter-organizational network relationship development within local and international networks, as well as geographic locational aspects and governance. We also assess Multinational Family Business groups from Asia and corporate governance: includes equity ownership decisions in foreign affiliates as well as international staffing strategies.

Sustainable development

CITBA aims to address pressing issues facing the 21st century tropical city by adopting an interdisciplinary design thinking approach. The focus will be on the development of urban policies pertaining, but not limited to, urban densification and sprawl, smart design and green technologies, disaster management and resilience, public health.

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