We have an underwater sensor platform and its associated beach station operating in Pioneer Bay on the leeward side of Orpheus Island. During 2019 we will be busy installing a matching setup in the reefs on the eastern or windward side of the island.

Data from our weather station and underwater sensors is available via an online graphing interface or you can download the data you want and process it or visualise it in your own way.

This system is still under development and the data is not to be relied upon - yet.

What is installed at Pioneer Bay?

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At each site there is a beach station that is connected to the research station via optical fibre. Each beach station has solar panels that charge a battery which provides power to the weather station, the underwater sensors and an underwater camera. The sensors we have underwater are a nephelometer and a current meter. The current meter records its data to an SD card which we will retrieve and download periodically. The nephelometer is connected to the beach station by a data cable and we poll it twice a day to get its data. The underwater camera is also connected to the data cable. The data transmitted to the beach station is sent onwards to the Orpheus Island Research Station via optical fibre and from there to a server at James Cook University via a 4G Telstra link.