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Discussion Starter

Use some of the discussion starters below for negotiating goals and expectations for induction into your organisation:

Students are asked to discuss the following aspects of your workplace and take accountability for managing their behaviour to ensure high standards of ethical conduct, confidentially, safety and collegiality.

Discuss the following with a potential service-learning student:

The culture and behaviour required

  • What are the values and aims of the organisation?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of different members of staff and of volunteers?
  • What are the expectations in terms of timing, dress, communication protocols etc?

Workplace Health and Safety including any specific risks

  • What are the Workplace Healthy and Safety guidelines?
  • Are there any specific risks (physical or emotional)?


  • What types of sensitive information might the student encounter?
  • What processes are there for dealing with confidential issues?

Shared goals – establishing the project work undertaken by the student

  • What are the current projects and activities that service learning students could be involved in?
  • What are the expected outcomes of these projects?
  • Who is involved from the organisation and wider community?
  • Are these collaborative or could the student work autonomously?
  • Are there any particular skills and experience that student has that will be an asset to the organisation?