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Creative Arts forms and manuals

Before going out in the field on assignment, students need to be familiar with JCU's Work Health and Safety policies and procedures.

Equipment hire, operation and safety

Undergraduate students, contact your technical support officer to conduct risk assessments and report all incidents and accidents. Benjamin van Houts, Technical Support Officer (Townsville)
(07) 4781 6082,

Amy Bishop, Technical Support Officer (Townsville)
(07) 4781 3142,

Postgraduate students, conduct risk assessments and report all incidents and accidents using Riskware

Refer to these Work Health and Safety policies, procedures and Fire Evacuation training:

Note: You will be required to sign a loan agreement when you collect the equipment.

Lighting Studio Rules

General Studio usage

  • Only Students enrolled in approved classes may access the studios
  • First year students may use the studio only during supervised practical sessions and are limited to Studios 2,3 and 4.
  • No student is to change backdrop rolls or use studio lighting if they have not received instruction and proved (and signed off on) their competency in the use of the equipment.
  • Studio doors should be kept locked when not in use.
  • Chairs are not part of the studio equipment and are to be removed at the end of use.
  • Consumption of all food and beverages is prohibited [water bottles an exception]
  • Any food used in Shoots needs to be disposed of in bins in the court yard.
  • Do not disposes of food in bins found inside the Studio or building
  • Any liquid or viscous substances need to be continued with inside vessel and should not make contact with photographic equipment including such things as: Lights, floor, Product table, stands walls. You have been warned.
  • Students need to book the studio and keys before using the space
  • Keys and Studios are booked as separate items via BookingPoint.
  • Studio hours can be booked are made via BookingPoint’s DAY VIEW
  • Keys via WEEK VIEW and collected via the Equipment Store Room.
  • Please cancel any bookings no longer required.
  • For long studio shoots, reserve the after hours sessions
  • Smoking and naked flames are prohibited
  • Permission to use a smoke machine must be sought at least 48 hours in advance of the shoot, to allow Benjamin time to have the smoke detectors isolated. False alarms which bring the fire brigade to the door attract a $1000 fine.
  • Do not operate studio equipment if you have not first proven competency with the particular item.
  • Paper rolls are expensive, treat them carefully and use the minimum amount required to achieve your desired outcome. Careless wastage will result in penalties.
  • Flags and Cutters (Large reflectors) and paper rolls are to be correctly stored after use.
  • The curved wall Cyclorama will not support any weight. Never stand or place anything on it.
  • First year students may use the studio only during supervised practical sessions and are limited to Studios 2,3 and 4.
  • Report all damaged or faulty equipment via so that it can be sent away for repaired
  • For emergencies call gatehouse on 4781 5555 and (0) 000, if required. A phone is located in hallway opposite the store
  • A first aid kit is located in hallway near the computer lab.
  • Report any safety incidents to Amy Bishop or Benjamin van Houts