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Academic support

General Administrative Assistance:

Timetable Management:

Academic Services Support to Teaching & Learning (external partnerships and advisory committees):

College Academic Events Coordination (including Marketing):

All Staff Employment Matters

Finance (Accounts Payable/Receivable, Quotes, Purchase Requisitions, and Purchase Orders – including Taxi Vouchers)

Subject Outlines, CSDB/TRDB

Subject Outlines:

Professional Registrations

WHS/ Riskware/ Field trips / Laboratory Support

Travel Assistance

Staff (Domestic):

Staff (International), Students and Visitors:

Personal Assistance and Administration Support

General enquiries, Meetings, Recruitment Panels and SSP Administration:

Office Space and Equipment/ Printing Access / Website Maintenance

Office Space and Equipment Allocation for Staff and Postgraduate Students:

Printing Logon Access (Staff & Students) including ID Card requests:

Stationery Orders:

Routine Building/ Equipment Repair Requests:

College Website Maintenance: