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Humanities & Creative Arts

Humanities and Creative Arts offers Bachelor degrees in English, History, Modern Languages, Journalism, Writing, Design and Media Arts. Short language courses are also available.

Recent Humanities and Creative Arts publications

Potter, Martin (2017) Story systems: the potential of transmedia storytelling as material embodiment of a collective enactment of place and identity. In: Bocanegra Barbecho, Lidia, and García López, Ana, (eds.) Con La Red / En La Red: creación, investigación y comunicación cultural y artística en la era internet / [English] On the Network / Within the Network: production, research, cultural and artistic communication in the internet. Downhill Publishing, Granada, pp. 155-173.
Kuttainen, Victoria (2017) This is rape culture, ladies and gentlemen. Etropic: electronic journal of studies in the tropics, 16 (2).