Work Integrated Learning (WIL) - Creative Arts & Media

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) - Creative Arts & Media

Students in the School of Creative Arts from time to time undertake unpaid work experience/community placements. All of these must be approved by the School. You will need to fill out a form to seek approval. These forms can be obtained from the Coordinator in any SoCA subject that includes placements as part of the authorized curriculum.

Student Placement Policy

The goal of student placement is to enable:

  • Contacts with professional practitioners and industry representatives;

  • In-depth knowledge of contemporary creative arts industry issues;

  • Opportunities to benchmark and validate creative outputs by reference to industry professionals and standards

Exclusions: Field Trips

Normally the School does not authorize or undertake field trips as part of its curriculum.

A student seeking to undertake a placement requiring or involving a field trip (activity outside of an office) must:

  1. Familiarise themselves with JCU’s Health, Safety and Environment policy and procedure
    then either:

  2. submit a Risk Assessment in the university’s Riskware software system;

  3. provide evidence of a safety induction conducted by the responsible placement organization

If you are required to submit a Risk Assessment to the Riskware system, the steps to undertake are:

  1. Fill out the Risk Assessment form;

  2. Submit that to the subject coordinator, who will submit the form to the SoCA Facilities Manager

Student Placement Steps

  1. The placement must be approved by the subject coordinator.

  2. Student placement forms must be obtained from the subject coordinator.

  3. Student placement forms must be submitted by every student seeking permission to undertake a placement to the subject coordinator for the coordinator’s signature. (The coordinator will then submit the form to the Head of School for signature.)