Study Creative Media Online

The Creative Media program offers students the opportunity to study individual subjects or to undertake a full degree sequence of the Bachelor of Creative Media online.

Flexible Schedule

Online subjects are completed at the learner’s own pace. Online subjects are asynchronous. This means that students are not required to attend classes at a scheduled time but can study according to their own flexible time-table. This allows students to more effectively balance study, family, and work.

The students who benefit most from this are those who are self-disciplined, self-directed, well-motivated, organized and have good communication skills.

Online study requires no specific meeting times. Students complete assignments by designated due dates and participate in the online learning environment that is accessible 24/7, from anywhere in the world at any time.

Flexibility means freedom. That also entails responsibility. Without a regular class schedule, students have to maintain their own study schedule. They need to avoid procrastination. Though there are scheduled submission deadlines, students studying online decide when and where throughout the week that they access the course materials and complete their assignments.


Online study emphasises the classic university approach of self-study. Self-study suits students who like being responsible for their own instruction and who enjoy exploring, discovering, and creating without direct supervision or attendance at class.

Online study combines self-study with the advantage of peer-to-peer interaction in the university’s online learning environment. Students use bulletin boards, online chat, email, social media and/or video conferencing to connect with other students to discuss subject themes, exercises, projects, ideas, and concepts.

Students can meet in the online environment. They discuss and critique work, and chat about ideas, through discussion board postings and messaging.


Students need to commit the same study time and participation time for an online course that they would for an on-campus class. Online students benefit by significant reduced travel and generic campus time. This time they can devote to study.

Academic Support

Online students interact with online delivery support staff and academic advisors.


Students undertake assignments, assessments, readings, discussions, and occasional group work. Mostly students work at their own pace, though assessment submission deadlines have to be met. Subjects have been developed by academic staff and arts technologists who understand the needs of learners in an online environment.


JCU’s Creative Media program is a technology arts course of study. The program requires students to be comfortable with the use of information technology software and hardware. Students online especially depend on effective use of information technology to complete their studies.