Bachelor of Education and Master of Teaching and Learning students can participate in school internship following their successful completion of the final professional experience.  Schools usually provide internship opportunities with the intention of offering permanent positions to successful interns. Department of Education and Training offers several paid internships each year.

An internship is designed to ease the transition from preservice to beginning teacher status, and support more collaborative relationships between the partners in the teacher education process the students, the schools, the employers and the university.

The internship program offered by the College of Arts, Society and Education is project-based. A project-based internship is an encourages beginning teachers to see their role in schools as more than classroom teaching. An internship allows a preservice teacher to articulate a special talent/interest, and contribute to a professional network.

In this program we are promoting preservice teachers' understanding of the importance of becoming 'active citizens' within a school and its community. Interns will engage with, and contribute to, processes for change and development within schools through participation in a school-based project, with guidance and support from a mentor teacher.