Blue Cards

The Working with Children Check is a screening process that assesses your suitability to work with children based on known disciplinary and police information.

All students undertaking a Professional Experience / Field Education Placement within Queensland are required by law to hold a valid Blue Card, issued by Blue Card Services Queensland.

JCU students are required to use the pre-filled JCU Blue Card application forms available for download below.

Start your application as soon as possible and submit it to the Professional Experience Unit for processing and submission. It it can take up to 8 weeks to obtain a Blue Card. There is no fee for students and it is valid for three years. It must be renewed at least one month before its expiry date to retain currency.

It is your responsibility to maintain a current Blue Card throughout your course. It is also your responsibility to ensure your contact details are up to date with Blue Card Services. For example, if you change your address or phone number, you must contact Blue Card Services and provide your new details.

Start your Blue Card application

Complete a Blue Card Application relevant to your campus and visit the Professional Experience Unit /Field Education Placement Office along with all your other documents to verify your identification and submit your application.

If you already hold a current Blue Card

If you already hold a Blue Card you must advise Blue Card Services Queensland when you are undertaking child-related activities with a new or additional organisation (in this case JCU) by complete a Link an Applicant or Card Holder to this Organisation Form relevant to your campus.

Visit the Professional Experience Unit / Field Education Placement Office in person. The staff will complete Part G of the form and submit the application. Ensure you bring two forms of ID with you, which together show your full name, date of birth and signature. Both documents must be current and originals.

Submit forms by email or mail?

If you reside more than 50 km outside Cairns or Townsville Campus, you need to have your identification verified by a Justice of the Peace (JP) or other prescribed person using the Confirmation of Identity Form (PDF, 129 KB).

Then email both your application/link an applicant form and confirmation of identity forms (preferably as one PDF) to the Professional Experience Unit / Field Education Placement Office, use ‘Blue Card Application’ as the subject heading of your email.

Step-by-step guide

Follow this guide to filling in the Blue Card application form:

  1. Part A has been prefilled with ‘Student’ & ‘No’ application is not associated with NDIS.
  2. Part B has been prefilled with JCU details.
  3. Part C has been prefilled with ‘Schools’ and ‘Health etc’.
  4. Part D must be completed in full by you.
  5. Part E and F must be completed by a JCU College of Arts, Society and Education staff member. If your usual residence is more than 50kms from a JCU Townsville or Cairns; or you have a disability affecting you mobility you need to download the Confirmation of Identity Form (PDF, 129 KB) and submit with the Blue Card application form via email or post.
  6. DO NOT fill out Part G. This is for Paid Employees only.
  7. When the form is complete, please return to JCU College of Arts, Society and Education, NOT DIRECTLY TO BLUE CARD SERVICES. 
  8. If you hold a valid Blue Card which is due to expire in the next 12 weeks, please complete a Blue Card New/Renewal Form and return to JCU Education.
  9. If you already have a Blue Card obtained through another organisation, you must complete a ‘Link Applicant/cardholder to this Organisation’ form and return to JCU College of Arts, Society and Education, Professional Experience Unit / Field Education Placement Office along with your application form.

Further Information

For further information please refer to the Blue Card Services website.