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Research Data Management

The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research to which JCU is a signatory, requires all Universities to provide a secure data storage and record keeping facility. The Code also outlines researchers’ responsibilities to manage research data. Researchers are required to keep clear, accurate records of research methods/data and are obligated to retain, store and catalogue their data while maintaining confidentiality where necessary.  As of 1 September 2009, JCU passed the Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research which has been adapted from the aforementioned National Code.

It is important to note that while the student owns the copyright to their research material, it is still Education’s responsibility to help the student ensure that data and primary materials are stored appropriately.  As part of the 2014 introduction of the ‘New PhD @ JCU’ the Graduate Research School is currently in the process of developing what will be a compulsory data management plan for all HDR students.  Please ensure you regularly check the Graduate Research School Homepage for new updates.

In order to comply with new data management policy, Education requires all new HDR students, under the guidance of the Primary Advisor, to complete and submit a data management plan to the School along with other documents required during the Confirmation of Candidature process.  The data management plan is to be reviewed yearly.  In case of amendments, an updated data management plan should be submitted to the supervisory team and then forwarded to the School.

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