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Across our research and teaching, we have a wide range of expertise. Our researchers, your lecturers, are listed here with the keywords associated with their research. (The hat icon on the right of their portfolio listing designates these staff are also postgraduate advisers).

Prof Michael Ackland Roderick Professor of English.

Dr Florence Boulard Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning. Research interests: Critical ThinkingParenting, Languages.

Dr Claire Brennan Lecturer. Research interests: Northern Australia, Environmental History, North Queensland.

A/Prof Allison Craven Roderick Scholar in Comparative Literature. Research interests: Gender, Indigenous Studies, Aesthetics.

Prof Ryan Daniel Associate Dean, Research Education. Research interests: Creative Industries, Artist, Higher Education.

A/Prof Amy Forbes Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning. Research interests: Townsville, Emotional & Mental Health, Social Work.

A/Prof Robyn Glade-Wright Associate Professor. Research interests: The Arts, Climate Change, Anthropocene.

Dr Claire Hansen Lecturer English/Writing. Research interests: Shakespeare, Pedagogy, Complexity Analysis.

A/Prof Victoria Kuttainen Associate Professor. Research interests: Magazines, Print Culture, Pacific.

A/Prof Richard Lansdown Adjunct Professor.

Dr Emma Maguire Lecturer, English/Writing. Research interests: Life Writing, Digital Media, Girlhood

A/Prof Russell McGregor Adjunct Professor. Research interests: Northern Australia, North Queensland, Northern Development.

Dr Lyndon Megarrity Adjunct Lecturer. Research interests: Northern Australia, Biography, Queensland History.

Dr Russell Milledge Lecturer.

Prof Stephen Naylor Chair of Academic Board. Research interests: Economics, Spatial, Cultural

Prof Richard Nile Head of Humanities. Research interests: Northern Australia, Tropical Zone, Cultural History

Dr Marie Oelgemoeller Lecturer. Research interests: Journalism, Media, Culture.

Dr Roger Osborne Lecturer. Research interests: Australian Literature, Book History, Short Stories.

Dr Janice Wegner Adjunct Senior Lecturer.

Prof Neil Anderson Adjunct Professor. Research interests: Information & Communication Technology, Higher Education, Perception.

Dr Robyn Anderson Senior Lecturer. Research interests:Asia, Religion, International Education.

Dr Jo Balatti Adjunct Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Community Engagement, Mathematics, Student Engagement.

A/Prof Helen Boon Associate Professor. Research interests: Climate Change, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Preservice Teachers.

Dr Greg Burnett Senior Lecturer in Education. Research interests: Teacher Education, Pacific, Micronesia.

Dr Claire Campbell Lecturer. Research interests: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Assessment, Early Childhood Education.

Dr Philemon Chigeza Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Migration, Entrepreneurship, Challenges,

A/Prof Leanne Dalley Associate Professor

Dr Leah Daniel Lecturer, Mathematics Education

Dr Tanya Doyle Lecturer. Research interests: Experiential Learning, Sustainability Education, Capacity Building.

Dr Neus Evans Senior Lecturer, Curriculum and Pedagogy. Research interests: Preservice Teacher Education, Education for Sustainable Development, Teacher Education.

Dr Kelsey Lowrie Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Higher Education, Service Learning, Global Perspective.

Prof Gail Mackay Honorary Fellow James Cook University

Dr Peta Salter Senior Lecturer (Curriculum and Pedagogy). Research interests: Higher Education, Australia, Service Learning.

Dr Bryan Smith Lecturer, Education

Dr Subhashni Taylor Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Climate Change, Sea-level Rise, Education for Sustainable Development.

Dr Marcia Thorne Lecturer, Education. Research interests: Policy, Stewardship, Anthropocene.

A/Prof Louisa Tomas Engel Associate Professor. Research interests: Emotions, Education for Sustainable Development, Preservice Teacher Education.

Dr Jocene Vallack Lecturer. Research interests: Phenomenology, Qualitative Research, Arts-based Research.

Dr Satine Winter Lecturer.

Dr Jon Woodend Lecturer, Guidance and Counselling, Career Development, Education.

Dr Nigel Chang Lecturer. Research interests: Southeast Asia, Thailand, Iron Age.

Dr Mark David Chong Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Australia, Media, North Queensland.

Dr Luca Ciucci Research Fellow: LCRC. Research interests: Zamucoan, Morphology, Gender.

A/Prof Glenn Dawes Associate Dean, Research. Research interests: Crime, Wellbeing, Children & Youth.

Prof Robert Dixon Adjunct Professorial Research Fellow. Research interests: Evidentiality, Australian Languages, Linguistics.

A/Prof Simon Foale Head, Social Sciences. Research interests: Papua New Guinea, Sea Cucumber, Recreational Fishing.

Dr Jennifer Gabriel Adjunct Research Associate. Research interests: Papua New Guinea, Tourism, Native Title.

Dr Shelley Greer Adjunct Senior Research Fellow. Research interests: Wet Tropics, Indigenous Rights, Native Title.

Dr Anna Hayes Senior Lecturer - Political Science. Research interests: Xinjiang, Uyghur, China.

Prof Rosita Henry Lecturer, Promotional Chair. Research interests: Papua New Guinea, Indigenous Knowledge, Wet Tropics.

Dr Ariana Lambrides Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Research interests: Zooarchaeology, Ichthyoarchaeology, Katsuwonus pelamis.

Dr Matthew Leavesley Adjunct Senior Research Fellow. Research interests: Archaeology, Papua New Guinea, Caution Bay.

A/Prof Anita Lundberg Adjunct Associate Professor. Research interests: Tropical Zone, Southeast Asia, Singapore.

Dr Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy Adjunct Professor. Research interests: Australia, Papua New Guinea, Southeast Asia.

A/Prof Richard Monypenny Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr Nick Osbaldiston Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Social Theory, Academia, Climate Change.

A/Prof Theresa Petray Associate Professor. Research interests: Aboriginal Studies, Australia, Great Barrier Reef.

Dr Christian Reepmeyer Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Pacific, Colonisation, Archaeology.

Dr Daniel Rosendahl Adjunct Research Fellow. Research interests: Coastal, Australia, Aquaculture.

A/Prof Michael Rowland Adjunct Associate Professor

Prof Sean Ulm Distinguished Professor Promotional Chair. Research interests: Archaeology, Colonisation, Sahul.

Dr Anna Willis Lecturer in Archaeology. Research interests: Southeast Asia, Domestication, Bronze Age.

Dr Michael Wood Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Papua New Guinea, North Queensland, Indigenous Knowledge.

Dr Ann Carrington Senior Lecturer - Social Work. Research interests: Homelessness, Social Work, Training.

Ms Sandra Croaker Associate Lecturer, Field Education. Research interests: Social Work Education, Field Education, Students.

A/Prof Abraham Francis Head, Social Work. Research interests: Emotional & Mental Health, Higher Education, Social Work.

A/Prof Susan Gair Associate Professor. Research interests: Grandparents, Social Work, Grandchildren.

Dr Narayan Gopalkrishnan Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Mental Illness, Emotional & Mental Health, Internationalisation.

A/Prof Nonie Harris Associate Professor. Research interests: Social Work, Student Exchange, Social Work Education.

Dr Peter Jones Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Student Exchange, Internationalisation, Social Work.

Dr Jo Mensinga Lecturer. Research interests: Domestic Violence, Social Work Education, Body.

Prof Debra Miles Professor, Promotional Chair. Research interests: Student Exchange, Internationalisation, Social Work.

Dr Vinnitta Mosby Lecturer. Research interests: Evaluation, Torres Strait, Emotional & Mental Health.

Dr Ines Zuchowski Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Field Education, Social Work Education, Grandparents.