About the Department of Anthropology, Archaeology and Sociology

Research themes and areas of collaboration

Engaged and engaging research

We make people part of creating solutions through participatory design. Using a wide range of old and new media communication puts us at the cutting edge of international best practice.

Cultural diversity, heritage and environment

Our focus is on the value of cultural diversity as reflected in language, material culture, landscapes, performance & arts, tradition & knowledge and other aspects of social identity, and on heritage as an innovative tool for communities to negotiate their contributions to our changing world.

Global dynamics, regional interaction and change

Our research addresses critical issues at the forefront of sustainable and just economic development in our region.

Inclusion, Exclusion and Justice

We pay particular attention to Indigenous peoples, refugees, the young, and the elderly. Issues facing these vulnerable and marginalised groups include land tenure, homelessness, increased interactions with the criminal justice system, and barriers to work, education and health services. Our research aims to influence policy, and to ensure inclusivity and social justice.

More information

For more information email: Rosita.Henry@jcu.edu.au.