Social Sciences-related Research

Social Sciences research focuses on the crucial and emerging challenges facing societies of the tropics worldwide. Fieldwork projects span Northern Australia, The Pacific, Asia and South America in Anthropology, Archaeology, Criminology, Political Science, International Relations and Sociology.

Cultural transformations

We conduct research concerning cultural and linguistic transformations, with particular strength in the fields of Archaeology, Anthropology and Sociology.

Influencing policy

We consider critical issues at the intersection of sustainable development and social and environmental justice, paying particular attention to Indigenous futures, refugees, the young, and the elderly. Our research aims to influence policy, and to ensure inclusivity and social justice.

Community-based fieldwork

We place strong emphasis on creativity and innovation and practice-led research methods, especially projects involving digital technologies, experimental screen work and exhibition. Our commitment is to community-based fieldwork that explores visual and material culture, heritage, and transformations of social and political identities in a dynamic world.