Careers in Social Work

The aim of social welfare work is to challenge social injustices such as poverty, discrimination and inequality and work towards the improvement of the general welfare of individuals groups and communities.

You will gain the skills required to work with individuals, groups and communities in a multi-cultural society.

Your studies at James Cook University (JCU) place an emphasis on the connection between human rights and social justice, and encourage an understanding of the position of disadvantaged groups in our society.

Our graduates:

  • Get interesting, well paid jobs, with good prospects of promotion
  • Can work in interesting places in Australia and overseas
  • Have fun while helping people and promoting social justice

What sort of job will I get?

Our graduates work in a wide range of areas including:

Non-government Agencies Women's Services
Neighbourhood Centres Domestic Violence Agencies
Lifeline Centacare
Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services Youth Work
State Government Departments Department of Child Safety
Education Health Services and Hospitals
Prisons and Community Corrections Disability Services

Consider a career in Social Work or Community Welfare.

As well as…

  • Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services
  • Family and Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FACSIA)
  • Defence
  • Family Courts
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
  • Centrelink

So, if you enjoy working and communicating with people, have a desire to understand social issues and have a commitment to working for social change, then Social Work may offer you a rewarding career.