Social Work-related Research

The Social Work Academic Group, which includes the Women's Studies Research Group, is committed to education and practice which are informed by critical insights into structural inequalities and inequities, and which contribute at both individual and collective levels to a socially just and sustainable society. The group seeks to achieve this through high quality teaching and research, critical scholarship and active community service. In doing so, the we acknowledge the traditional owners of Australia, value diversity and recognise the international context of practice.

Social Work and Human Services staff collaboratively and individually undertake strategic and applied research, consultancies and contracted professional development. They engage in this industry-engaged research and development in partnership with government departments at Commonwealth, state and local levels and with local, regional and national nongovernment organisations.

Past and current research activity of the Department has been grouped into the following areas of interest: Families, Children and Youth; Women and Gender; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders; Regional, Rural and Remote Contexts; Community Well-being and Ecological Social Justice; Mental Health and Social Justice; Learning and Teaching; Human Rights.