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Eligibility for WIL

You are eligible to complete WIL. Information on each of the WIL subjects and how you can apply can be found by logging into LearnJCU, click on the 'Organisations' tab and go to either 'WIL Prep and Professional Development' (will be phased out by the end of 2024), or 'Employability & Work Integrated Learning (WIL)'.

You are ineligible to complete WIL at this time. If you would like to learn about WIL, log into LearnJCU, click on the 'Organisations' tab and go to 'WIL Prep and Professional Development'. (This Org site has been flagged to be disestablished by the end of 2024.)

Students enrolled from 2022 onwards have an organisation called 'Employability & Work Integrated Learning (WIL)'. WIL Prep is embedded in the first year BU1109 Career Development for Business Professionals subject, which is offered in TR3.