College of Business, Law and Governance Australasian Trade Workshop 2023

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Australasian Trade Workshop 2023

The James Cook University College of Business, Law and Governance is happy to host the 16th Australasian Trade Workshop

18 - 19 March, 2023

JCU Cairns, Bada-jali campus, Cairns City

36 Shields Street, Cairns

The Australasian Trade Workshop (ATW) is an annual conference of trade economists in Australasia, coordinated by Martin Richardson, Frank Stähler, and Benedikt Heid. Each year, it is hosted by a different university in the region.

It has its origins in the Otago Workshop in International Trade, a trade conference Frank Stähler organised at the University of Otago in New Zealand from 2006 to 2009. It moved to Australia under its current name in 2010. It has since been held at the ANU, the University of Adelaide (twice), the University of New South Wales, the University of Melbourne, Curtin University-Perth, the University of Sydney, the Queensland University of Technology, the University of Auckland, RMIT University, and University of Canterbury.

In 2023, it will take place at James Cook University. Further information about ATW can be found on ANU's Australasian Trade Workshop webpage.

Organising Committee

Professor Martin Richardson

College of Business& Economics

Australian National University


Professor Frank Stähler

School of Business and Economics

University of Tübingen


Dr Benedikt Heid

School of Economics and Public Policy

University of Adelaide


Local Organiser

Associate Professor Sizhong Sun

College of Business Law and Governance

James Cook University


ATW 2023 will host keynote speaker Arpita Chatterjee.

Arpita Chatterjee

Associate Professor of Economics

School of Economics

University of New South Wales


The 16th Australasian Trade Workshop

Workshop Program


Day 1: Saturday 18th March 2023

Time (AEST)





Martin Richardson (Australian National University), Sizhong Sun (James Cook University)

9:00 - 10:00

Session 1


Venue: Collaborative Learning Area


Chair: Salamat Ali


Presenter: John Romalis (Macquarie University and ABFER)


Russian Counter-Sanctions and Smuggling: Forensics with Structural Gravity Estimation


Discussant: Salamat Ali


Presenter: Salamat Ali (Commonwealth Secretariat in London)


Differential Effects of Internal and External Distances on Trade Flows: The Case of Pakistan


Discussant: John Romalis


Session 2

Session 3


Venue: Collaborative Learning Area

Venue: Boardroom/Moot Court


Chair: Gerald Willmann

Chair: Jie Bai


Presenter: Susanne Keller (University of Passau)

Presenter: Reshad Ahsan (University of Melbourne)


Trade Negotiations under Fire: Identity Politics and the Rising Opposition to Free Trade

The Impact of COVID-19 on Exports: Decomposing the Demand and Supply Channels


Discussant: Gerald Willmann

Discussant: Jie Bai


Presenter: Gerald Willmann (Bielefeld University)

Presenter: Jie Bai (Lingnan University)


The Farsighted Stability of Global Trade Policy Arrangements

Does Pollution Affect Exports? – Evidence from China


Discussant: Susanne Keller

Discussant: Reshad Ahsan


Morning Tea



Session 4

Session 5


Venue: Collaborative Learning Area

Venue: Boardroom/Moot Court


Chair: Evgenii Monastyrenko

Chair: Sebastian Schmidt


Presenter: Thi Hang Banh (National University of Singapore)

Presenter: Sergio Rocha (Monash University)


Foreign Competition, Skill Premium, and Product Quality: Impact of Chinese Competition on Mexican Plants

Matching Regulations Within and Across Commodities: Evidence from Technical Barriers to Trade


Discussant: Evgenii Monastyrenko

Discussant: Sebastian Schmidt


Presenter: Evgenii Monastyrenko (University of Luxembourg)

Presenter: Sebastian Schmidt (University of Gottingen & Kiel Institute for the World Economy)


Trade Shocks and Product Quality

Real Iceberg Transport Costs: The Distance Effect of the North Atlantic Iceberg Drift on Trade


Discussant: Thi Hang Banh

Discussant: Sergio Rocha





Session 6

Session 7


Venue: Collaborative Learning Area

Venue: Boardroom/Moot Court


Chair: Fatima Lekhe

Chair: Georg Thunecke


Presenter: Brian McCaig (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Presenter: Keisaku Higashida (Kwansei Gakuin University)


FDI Inflows and Domestic Firms: Adjustments to New Export Opportunities

Effect of Trade Restrictive Provisions with Due-Diligence on Bilateral Trade Flows: The Case of the US Regulation on Conflict Minerals


Discussant: Fatima Lekhe

Discussant: Georg Thunecke


Presenter: Fatima Lekhe (Swinburne University of Technology)

Presenter: Georg Thunecke  (University of Tübingen)


The Effect of inward FDI on Service Exports Performance

The (Non-)Neutrality of Value-Added Taxation


Discussant: Brian McCaig

Discussant: Keisaku Higashida


Session 8

Session 9


Venue: Collaborative Learning Area

Venue: Boardroom/Moot Court


Chair: Pavel Chakraborty

Chair: Anna Jacobs


Presenter: Laura Puzzello (Monash University)

Presenter: Sanjana Goswami (National University of Singapore)


Trade Restrictiveness Index and Non-Tariff Measures

U.S. Trade War and Socioeconomic Outcomes


Discussant: Pavel Chakraborty

Discussant: Anna Jacobs


Presenter: Pavel Chakraborty (Lancaster University)

Presenter: Anna Jacobs (Bielefeld University & Kiel Institute for the World Economy)


Do Lenders also Respond to Import Competition Evidence from Bank-Firm Loan Level Data

Who is to Suffer? Quantifying the Impact of Sanctions on German Firms


Discussant: Laura Puzzello

Discussant: Sanjana Goswami


Afternoon Tea



Session 10


Venue: Collaborative Learning Area


Chair: Anna Ignatenko


Presenter: Jean-Marie Viaene (Erasmus University)


Firm Export Survival: Micro-Evidence from the Philippines


Discussant: Anna Ignatenko


Presenter: Anna Ignatenko (NHH Norwegian School of Economics)


Countervailing Power of Firms in International Trade


Discussant: Jean-Marie Viaene


Conference Dinner

Venue: Crystalbrook Bailey, 163 Abbott Street, Cairns Queensland Australia 4870

(The 3rd floor, access via the glass lift in the lobby)


Day 2: Sunday 19th March 2023




Keynote Session


Venue: Collaborative Learning Area


Chair: Martin Richardson (Australian National University)


Speaker: Arpita Chatterjee (University of New South Wales)


Productivity and Quality of Multi-Product Firms


Session 11

Session 12


Venue: Collaborative Learning Area

Venue: Boardroom/Moot Court


Chair: Hiroshi Mukunoki

Chair: Taiji Furusawa


Presenter: John Gilbert (Utah State University)

Presenter: Zhe(Jasmine) Jiang (University of Sydney)


Factor-Augmenting and Factor-Eliminating Technical Change in Simple General Equilibrium Models

Trade, Migration, and Inequality: An Analysis of China


Discussant: Hiroshi Mukunoki

Discussant: Taiji Furusawa


Presenter: Hiroshi Mukunoki (Gakushuin University)

Presenter: Taiji Furusawa (University of Tokyo)


Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

Global Value Chains and Aggregate Income Volatility


Discussant: John Gilbert

Discussant: Zhe(Jasmine) Jiang


Morning Tea



Session 13

Session 14


Venue: Collaborative Learning Area

Venue: Boardroom/Moot Court


Chair: Andreas Haufler

Chair: Markos Faraga


Presenter: Vladimir Tyazhelnikov (University of Sydney)

Presenter: Minh Tam Bui (Srinakharinwirot University)


Technological Distance: Grow Up or Grow Out?

Gender Effects of WTO Accession and FDI in the Manufacturing Sector: The Role of Firm Productivity and Trade Orientations in Vietnam (2007-2015)


Discussant: Andreas Haufler

Discussant: Markos Faraga


Presenter: Andreas Haufler (University of Munich)

Presenter: Markos Faraga (University of Cologne)


Attracting Profit Shifting or Fostering Innovation? On Patent Boxes and R&D Subsidies

On the Determinants of Trade in Natural Gas: A Political Economy Perspective


Discussant: Vladimir Tyazhelnikov

Discussant: Minh Tam Bui





Session 15

Session 16


Venue: Collaborative Learning Area

Venue: Boardroom/Moot Court


Chair: Usama Salamat

Chair: Xiaopeng Yin


Presenter: Somesh Mathur (Indian Institute of Technology,Kanpur)

Presenter: Vikas Kumar (Indian Institute of Management Amritsar)


India’s Possible Alignment with the RCEP: A Partial and General Equilibrium Impact on Economy Wide Variables and Carbon Emissions

Effect of National Export Promotion Policy Instruments and Specific Firm-level Determinants on Export Intensity: A Study of the Indian Manufacturing Firms


Discussant: Usama Salamat

Discussant: Xiaopeng Yin


Presenter: Usama Salamat (University of Oxford)

Presenter: Xiaopeng Yin (University of International Business and Economics)


The Long Shadows of Brexit: Implications for African Countries

Global Value Chains: Scale Economy or Scope Economy? Evidence from Chinese Exporting Firms under Uncertainty


Discussant: Somesh Mathur

Discussant: Vikas Kumar


Afternoon Tea



Session 17


Venue: Collaborative Learning Area


Chair: Onur Koska


Presenter: Pascalis Raimondos (Queensland University of Technology, CEPR, and Cesifo)


Domestic MNEs, Spillovers and the Liability of Foreignness


Discussant: Frederic Warzynski


Presenter: Frederic Warzynski (Aarhus University)


The Dynamics of Multinational Production: The Intensive and Extensive Margins of FDI Decisions of Korean Firms


Discussant: Onur Koska


Presenter: Onur Koska (University of Canterbury)


Labor-Eliminating Technological Progress and Foreign Direct Investment


Discussant: Pascalis Raimondos


Closing Session: Farewell


Frank Stähler (University of Tübingen), Sizhong Sun (James Cook University)

The registration for the workshop is free and can be done here.

The workshop dinner will be at Crystalbrook Bailey, 163 Abbott Street, Cairns Queensland Australia 4870 (The 3rd floor, access via the glass lift in the lobby). The price is A$79 per person (not including drinks). The menu can be found here.

The ATW16 will be held in JCU’s Cairns CBD campus. Below are a few accommodation options that are close to the conference venue.


Tourism information:

Travelling from the Cairns International and Domestic Airport to the City:

The Cairns International and Domestic Airport is located within ten minutes’ drive from the Cairns CBD and is easily accessible by hiring car, taxi or airport shuttle bus. A taxi will only cost around $25 - $30 one way into the CBD and the airport shuttle will set you back around $16 per person.

Hire cars can be picked up and returned from/to the airport and you will find many hire car booths there on arrival in the lounge at both terminals, however it is much cheaper to prebook.

More information can be found at:

The conference venue is in Cairns CBD, and is generally within walking distance to various accommodations in the city.