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Career Opportunities

Many of our graduates find that developing advanced conflict management and resolution skills helps their career progression in their current employment, particularly in management roles. Graduates of the JCU Conflict Management and Resolution Program have successfully applied their knowledge and skills in a wide range of professions and industries. These include health, local government, higher education, emergency services, primary and secondary schools, construction, logistics, law, Federal politics, Defence, social work and in general management settings; both in Australia and in other countries.

The JCU Conflict Management and Resolution Program is also a valuable qualification for those seeking employment specifically in the field of Conflict Management and Resolution. Graduates can practice as mediators, conciliators, arbitrators and ombuds in private practice or with corporate or government organisations.

There are also many opportunities in community development and international peace and security. Organisations such as the World Bank, United Nations, International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, International Rescue Committee, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade offer employment opportunities ;in conflict-related areas.

Some students decide to pursue PhD studies in Conflict Management and Resolution, contributing to research and the development of the field. Some Doctoral students take up academic positions in the field, while others use their specialised research in practice settings.