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Andrew Rixon

Andrew Rixon

Andrew Rixon PhD

Babel Fish Group Head

M: 0400 352 809


Andrew Rixon is currently Director of Babel Fish Group, a boutique Australian based group of management consultants specialising in the application of facilitative processes helping organisations and individuals develop.

With one of the first PhD’s in Complexity Science from the University of Queensland in June 1999, Andrew has gained global experience in working with organisations both within Australia and internationally in the USA, the Netherlands and the UK. The complex systems perspective drawn from his PhD has informed Andrew’s experience and allowed him to make contributions in the areas of systems and software development, knowledge management, social research, facilitation and management consulting.

Andrew has worked locally and internationally with Melbourne, Monash and Swinburne Universities in teaching Organisational Leadership, Strategic Change, Organisational Behaviour and New Venture Leadership.

As a keynote speaker, workshop leader and professional facilitator, educator and leadership coach, Andrew's style is engaging, light hearted and curious. Andrew juggles in his spare time.

Teaching Interests

  • Public Interest and Multi-party Conflict Resolution
  • Facilitation

Research Interests

  • Facilitation
  • Storytelling
  • Leadership Coaching

Consulting Interests