Research in the College of Business, Law and Governance (CBLG) encompasses all four research themes identified for JCU overall and covers a wide range of disciplines, with a strong focus on trans-disciplinary research across not only the disciplines within CBLG, but also other directorates such as the College of Science and Engineering and the Centre for Tropical Water & Aquatic Ecosystem Research. Key themes that extend across research projects include sustainability, resource management, quality of life and governance. Additionally, CBLG is aligned with the AusAsia Business Research Group (ABRG), which promotes high quality research in the area of Australian-Asian business relationships.

Current PhD Students

Diana Castorina
People building stronger regions: an empirical investigation into the determinants of migration

Rachel Hay
The engagement of women and technology in agriculture

Alejandro Pacheco Jaramillo
Linkages between income inequality, happiness and altruism

Adam Rehn
Input-centric profiling and prediction for computational offloading of smartphone applications

Joseph (Mark) Thomas
Propensity score matching for enhanced valuation of flexible learning in the neoliberal Australian political economy

Please note this is not a complete list of all of the College's current PhD students. If you are a current PhD student with our College and would like to be included on this list, please contact