Grainger, Mr Daniel

Daniel Grainger

B. Engineering (Hons) (Major in Electrical and Electronics) – University of Queensland [1995]

M.B.A. – University of Melbourne [2004]

Grad. Dip. Ed. – Macquarie University [2008]

PhD Candidate - Economics


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(07) 4781 3128 (Australia)

+ 61 7 4781 3128 (International)



PhD Topic

Application of Prediction Markets to Project Prioritization Decisions in the Not-for-profit Sector

Millions of dollars are invested by public and private sector organizations in public value projects. The allocation of both financial and non-financial resources to low-success projects is undesirable. Prioritisation of public value projects mitigates this resource misallocation but it is a difficult undertaking. Information markets have been successfully utilized by certain companies to predict sales. It has been considered possible to adapt information markets to prioritise projects.

This thesis aims to provide an indepth exploration of joint elicitation type information markets to select the best project. Specifically, this study will:

  1. Propose a theoretical model where the theorems of sufficient and necessary conditions for the market equilibrium to converge to the best possible project are derived.

  2. Evaluate the decision market model through a computer simulation and also an experimental game where human agents participate.

  3. Test the decision market model using real world data.


Dr. Sizhong Sun, Dr. Felecia Watkin-Lui and  Prof. Peter Case


James Cook University Postgraduate Research Scholarships