Mr Alejandro Pacheco Jaramillo

PhD Candidate (Management and Commerce)

College of Business, Law and Governance Townsville

Linkages between income inequality, happiness and altruism

To improve welfare for all Ecuadorians, the guiding principle, "The good way of living (El Sumak-Kawsay)", was introduced into the Ecuadorian constitution in 2008, based on universal principles of solidarity and the Andean indigenous tradition. This exogenous imposition of new social and economic plans was designed to reduce inequality, reviving old values (such as social solidarity or altruism) to improve the country's welfare. The implementation of the new constitution has led to positive results for the poorest Ecuadorians. Motivated by positive results as the reduction in income inequality, this study investigates the linkages between income inequality, happiness and altruism with a mix-method approach.