Mr Karl Mohring

Karl Mohring

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)/Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours (I) – James Cook University 2014

PhD Candidate – Business (Information Technology)


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PhD Topic

Investigating the Economic Feasibility of Adaptive Road Lighting in Tropical Australia

Project description

The ‘Smart Data and Lighting Network’ project aims to install intelligent control modules into every street light to improve how we use and manage our roads. Using a suite of integrated sensors, the modules will monitor the road and dim the lights whenever the road is not in use. Detected cars or pedestrians will cause the lights to operate normally, supplying light only when it is needed, which greatly reduces the power consumption, running costs, and carbon footprint of our roads without sacrificing safety.

Each module will also monitor the external environmental to provide a highly detailed and up-to-date map of the city climate. With a module in every street light, the recorded data provides a rich platform for further research in several fields, including walkability studies, and applications in building management systems.

The role of this research is to determine if it is economically feasible to install and maintain the new intelligent lighting system, compared to conventional, always-on street lighting.


Principle Supervisor: Dr Trina Myers

Co Supervisor: Professor Ian Atkinson


Australian Postgraduate Award (2014-2017)

Other Activities

Vice-Chair of JCU Robo Club (IEEE – JCU Student Branch)


IEEE North Australia Sections Fourth Year Prize

JCU Academic Medal (Bachelors Coursework)