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Transforming Indigenous Healthcare: Closing the Gap

Investigators: L. Geia, D. Lindsay, C. Nallajar, K. Anderson

The social impact of drug, alcohol and volatile substance misuse among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their family on Palm Island: A community survey informing a Palm Island Youth Strategy.

The project aims to explore and assess local knowledge of drug, alcohol and substance use and social impact in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and their family on Palm Island. Develop pathways to Palm Island youth strategy encompassing health, education and employment.

Contact: Dr Lynore Geia

Investigators: A. Day, L. Geia S. Ross, A. Tamatea, S. Casey, G. Kidd, A. Clough

The project aims to develop an intervention pathway Service Delivery model for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sexual offenders that reduces reoffending and contributes to community safety.  Encompassing admission into a correctional facility, covering assessment, planning, management and program participation, as well as re-entry planning into the community.