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Transforming clinical outcomes in nursing

Investigators: V Archer, H Murray, W Smyth, C Nagle

The aim of this research study is to explore enablers and barriers to frail elderly persons using bathing wipes to assist with their hygiene in the community setting.

The objectives of the study are to:

  • Explore Transition Care Program (TCP) recipients’ experiences views and attitudes to using bathing wipes
  • Explore whether or not these clients intend to continue using bathing wipes at the conclusion of the TCP
  • Assess views, experiences and preferences of health professionals to the use of bathing wipes to assist older people with hygiene in the community setting.

Status: Data collection in progress


Investigators: Laura Biggs, Melanie Birks, Paderes Mitzi

This study aims to examine the increasing prevalence of suicide of women during the perinatal period. Evidence suggests that characteristics of suicide in this group are unique, yet there is no research exploring this phenomenon. Effective perinatal suicide prevention relies on an understanding of the phenomena of suicidality at this time. The aim of this research is to understand women’s experiences of suicidality in the perinatal period and develop a grounded theory that explains this phenomenon.

Project status: Application for funding under review

Further information:

Investigators: W Smyth, J McArdle, K Wicking, K Hughes, J Wheeler, C Nagle

The aim of this study is to increase patient’s abilities to attend to their personal hygiene needs whilst maintaining the integrity of their CVC exit site dressings between dialysis sessions. This will be achieved by:

  • Identifying enablers and barriers to patients using different options for their personal hygiene, as perceived by the nurses working within the Townsville Renal Service;
  • Ascertaining feedback from patients with a CVC in-situ about their preferences regarding showering and personal hygiene between dialysis sessions;
  • Evaluating participant experiences with being supported to use different options to assist with their personal hygiene whilst keeping their CVC exit site dressing dry and intact between dialysis sessions.

Status: Data collection in progress