Higher Degree by Research

These are the current HDR students  who are completing their research under the College of Healthcare Sciences and Nursing and Midwifery.

From Subordinate to Advocate: A Critical Ethnographic Analysis of the Relationship between Power and the Advocacy role of the Nurse.

Primary Adviser: Professor Melanie Birks   Secondary Advisor: Dr Pete Hartin

Nursing Experience in Papua New Guinea in World War II: Missing profiles in nursing history – PhD candidate

P/A Dr Kristin Wicking S/A Dr Tanya Langtree

Analysing the integration of nursing informatics into undergraduate nursing curriculum: A holistic multiple case study

Advisors:  Dr Kristin Wicking and Dr Narelle Biedermann

Women's experience of Pregnancy and or Birthing at the time of a Breast Cancer diagnosis in Australia: A Phenomenological Study

Advisors: Dr Karen Yates and Professor Cate Nagle

Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement and Patient-centred care for women and children by nurses and midwives in Timor-Leste: An Action Research approach.

Advisors: Assoc Professor David Linsday and Professor Caryn West

Birthing in remote Queensland: A case study approach investigating the experiences of registered nurses.

Advisors: Dr Kristin Wicking and Assoc Professor Nikki Harvey

Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology to Increase Clinical Space Utilisation in the Healthcare Sector.

Advisors: Dr Kristin Wicking and Assoc Professor Trina Meyers

Investigating Security Vulnerabilities in Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT).

Advisors: Dr Kristin Wicking and Assoc Professor Trina Meyers

Coaching of Clinical Nurses in a Mental Health Setting: An Exploratory Case Study

Advisors: Dr Kristin Wicking and Dr Narelle Beidermann

Improving Infection Control at Atoifi Adventist Hospital, Solomon Islands: a Mixed method approach in a resource poor setting

Advisors: Professor Caryn West and Assoc Professor David MacLaren

A history of nursing in North Queensland from 1910-1925.

Advisors: Assoc Professor David Lindsay and Dr Narelle Biedermann

Category 2 Outpatient Waitlist, Profiling the Potential Deterioration Risk Factors of Patients Diagnosed with Diabetes

Advisors:  Dr Kristin Wicking and Dr Maude Chapman

Contemporary Australian Army Nursing Officers in Armed Conflict: A Grounded Theory of Caring under Fire

Advisors:  Professor Melanie Birks and Dr Narelle Biedermann

How is Health Information Technology changing Nurses' Social Practices when Caring for Patients?

Advisors:  Assoc Professor David Lindsay and Professor Colin Holmes

Does Nurse led HOUDINI Protocol for early Removal of Indwelling urinary Catheters Reduce Incidence of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections?

Advisors:  Professor Cate Nagle, Dr Tracy Ahern and Dr Wendy Smyth

The Impact of Androcentrism in Medical Research on the Experiences of Female Patients

Advisors: Professor Cate Nagle and  Komla Tsey

Exploring assertive communication skills training for midwives in Australia

Advisors:  Professor Cate Nagle and Dr Susan Edwards

Sleep and Educational Outcomes in Indigenous Children

Advisors: Dr Alice Cairns

PARIS Remote: Implementation of Nasal High Flow for Children in the Remote Setting

Advisors: Dr Alice Cairns

Safety in remote health: where are we now?