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Nursing and Midwifery FAQs

JCU's Student Centre is the number one contact point for student enquiries, with staff on hand to provide advice on courses, enrolment, subjects, fees, support services, scholarships, exams and directions.  For Nursing and Midwifery specific questions, refer to the FAQs below.

The attendance mode of a subject defines how the subject is studied. Subjects in nursing may be offered in the following attendance modes:

  • Internal: Requires on campus attendance.
  • External: No on-campus attendance is required.
  • Limited attendance: Requires limited on-campus attendance for clinical practice subjects, known as residentials.

For further help, contact your Divisional Enrolment Team. Your Study Plan will be modified and you will be able to enrol in your new subjects via eStudent.

You can manage your enrolment online through eStudent. This online system allows you to enrol in and withdraw from subjects for the current calendar year. You can enrol online up until the end of Week 1 of the Study Period.

If you do not have self-management of the subject (not able to manage your enrolment online), you will need to email your Divisional Enrolment Team for them to action your request.

There is eStudent Online Help available on each page of eStudent in the top-right hand corner. If you need more help, you can:

You can find all the mandatory requirements on the Preparing for Professional Experience Placement website and go to the Nursing and Midwifery Preparation Checklists and follow all the directions. Alternatively you can ring the Professional Placement Unit : Cairns: 07 4232 1065 or Townsville: 07 4781 4697.

Specific placement and teaching information can be found on the NM Year Planner which can be found on the Nursing and Midwifery checklist webpage under the Calendar menu option on the right hand side.

Students can submit an online application for a leave of absence. However, to be eligible for a leave of absence you need to ensure you meet the following:

  • Your program allows a leave of absence (check your Degree Requirements on the Handbook website)
  • You have previously incurred fees for a subject under the same course
  • Your course status is 'admitted' and not 'withdrawn'.

You need to ensure that after you have taken leave you will still be able to complete your degree within the maximum time allowed. You should particularly check this if you have studied part time or have failed any subjects. To view your degree requirements, go to the Handbook website.

If approved, you can take your leave for a future study period. Any currently enrolled subjects in future study periods that overlap the approved leave period will be automatically withdrawn once your leave of absence is applied.

During your leave of absence you will continue to have access to your JCU email, StudentsOnline and eStudent. You may continue to enrol for subjects commencing after this period of leave.

A study plan is a summary of the subject requirements of your course and indicates when planned subjects should be studied. It indicates the subjects you have completed; are currently enrolled in; plan to study in the future; and those for which you have been granted advanced standing (credit for previous studies).

For further help, contact your Divisional Enrolment Team. Your Study Plan will be modified and you will be able to enrol in your new subjects via eStudent.

To apply for an extension for the submission of an assignment, you need to complete the College online application form to apply for an extension. Once completed and submitted, your Subject Coordinator will contact you with the outcome.

NM Student Support

Please also visit our Nursing and Midwifery Student Support website for further information.

Contact a Nursing and Midwifery Advisor

If your questions aren't answered above, you can contact a Nursing and Midwifery Advisor via our online contact form.

If you do not have a JCU email address, please click here to submit your question to our support team.