Flexible Delivery Students

What is Flexible Delivery?
Why study via flexible delivery? Which mode of study suits you? Points to be aware of about studying via flexible delivery

Resources for Off Campus Students
Visit the Off-Campus Students website and access the Off-Campus Student Information Guide for resources

Other Useful Resources for Students
There are a number of resources designed for the whole student population which include useful information and resources for students to excel in their studies

Residential Blocks
For subjects with "Limited" attendance requirements, it is essential that you attend on campus residential blocks to complete practical learning sessions

Student Communication Platforms
As a flexible delivery student most of your interaction with the JCU will occur using online platforms, therefore it is important that you have appropriate computer requirements to enable access to online services

Tips for Success
Setting a routine with dedicated hours assigned for study each week will reduce the chance that you will plan other activities during this time

Considering Changing Your Enrolment?
Sometimes circumstances may prevent you from being able to complete some or all of your subjects in a study period. In this instance you may be considering withdrawing from a subject.

Student Assistance and Connection
We recognise that studying externally can sometimes feel isolating so we have provided a list of ways that you can connect with your peers and services and tools that can assist you to excel in your studies

Student Handbook
Refer to the current JCU Course and Subject Handbook for course admission rules, learning outcomes, award requirements and other important information