Considering Changing Your Enrolment?

Sometimes circumstances may prevent you from being able to complete some or all of your subjects in a study period. In this instance you may be considering withdrawing from a subject.

NOTE: Before withdrawing from subjects, it is recommended you speak to the Occupational Therapy Flexible Delivery Coordinator or Academic Advisor. A reduction in subjects may affect your progression and how long it will take you to complete the course.

Important considerations:

Census Date: Your enrolment is considered finalised on Census Date. If your fees aren't paid or deferred by this date your enrolment will be cancelled. If you withdraw from a subject after the Census Date you are financially liable for it.

Last date to enrol/withdraw online without coordinator’s approval: This is the last date you can add or delete a subject from your study plan without approval from the course coordinator or academic adviser.

Last Date to Withdraw without Academic Penalty: This is the last date you can withdraw from a subject without incurring academic penalty (FAIL).

The dates for these periods are listed as ‘Important Dates’ and are available through the students website or by direct link.

Visit the following webpages for more information about: