Other Useful Resources for Students

There are a number of resources designed for the whole student population which include useful information and resources for students to excel in their studies.

New Students

  • This website has information for new students including information on how to accept your offer and enroll, lists of support services and tools available, and a link to the Ask Us portal (a repository of commonly asked questions from students).

  • Orientation week (O Week) is held twice a year before teaching starts for study periods one and two. The “new students” page includes information about the upcoming O week program.

  • Off-campus students are encouraged to attend O Week and join in the activities however there is also a section which provides information for off campus students who cannot attend the on campus O week activities.


  • This website include links to help you get prepared for starting university. The essentials section provides a variety of useful information about important dates, fees and financial support and about the different IT and computer services you will use.

  • The academic success section (what successful students do) provides useful information on different teaching session terms (lectures, workshops), scheduling your time, finding help, and some basic points on writing assignments.

The Learning Centre

  • The Learning Centre provides self-help resources and information about workshops to assist with time management, assignment planning, etc.